Deezy Organix Edibles

Dz Gluten Free Vegan Medicated Cannabis Gummies.     

Medicated Gummy Candy (100mg THC) Made with Bud extracted Honey Oil. Gummy bears, gummy fish, gummy worms, and lego gummies. Extracts in this product are pressed directly from high quality bud. Made with natural sugar, Agar Agar, corn syrup, natural flavouring and cannabis extract. Flavours Include; *Cherry Blaster, *Blueberry Splash, *Lemon Haze, *Lime Limeonene, *Orange Peels, *Peach, *White Grape, *Lemon Raspberry, *Cola, *Root Beer, *Nestea, *Strawberry Lychee, *Pear, *Mango, *Strawberry Banana, *Melon Cantaloupe, *Black Cherry Cola, *Green Apple

**All Gummies Available in both SATIVA or INDICA varieties**                                                    CBD Dz Gummies : $5.00/each – 5 for $20.00 (80mg CBD Concentrate, 0.04% THC) *


Dz Gummies: $5.00/each – 5 for $20.00. (100mg Activated THC)  –    Sour option available* gummy edit for website.jpggummy promo shot.png

20160922_224808DZ black cherry gummies

Lego Gummies: $10.00/each – 5 for $40.00 (100mg Activated THC)- Sour option available

dz organix lego gummies promoGrape Deezy legos29090854_155514711790850_1546675434765156352_n.jpg

Dz Medicated Canna Cookies

BAKED GOODS! Deezy baked goods includes Cookies, Muffins, Cakes and Brownies. The selection that is provided will have a * – indicating the edibles that have nuts (for peanut allergy consumers)* – All baked goods are maintained (AND TESTED) at the same (if not a few % off) relative thc percentage again, to have a steady flow of consistency. They are tested at 125mg per edible. We recommend (half for first time users specifically) as a starting point for all consumers.

*Chocolate Chip Canna Cookies w/ cannabutter: $5/each or 5 for $30.00. (125mg THC)                                        dz canna cookies

Dz Medicated Brownies

Medicated Brownies are the best thing ever right? You know it champ! These brownies are to die for, they are seriously delicious, many patients have tried these and have trouble sticking to my doseage recommendations! They are just that tasty. Many ranges of flavours and spices, we also take requests if there is something specific you would like infused for your needs, because its all about you. These are made with extra virgin coconut oil infused and mixed to perfection with chocolatey goodness. Try one today!

Medicated Classic Chocolate Brownies (150mg) – $10.00/each or 5 for $35.00


brownies label.jpg

Medicated Moon Cake (125mg) – $10.00/each or 5 for $40.00                                                     20180107_211225



*Dz Organix Cereal Bars*

Two of the best things in the world put into perfect harmony. Cannabis and cereal. We all love cereal for breakfast and cannabis! (sometimes also for breakfast haha) – These cereal bars are 120mg of THC, medicated with THC Distillate & Cannabutter.                         $10.00/each or 5 for $40.00.                        20170412_083102.jpg Fruit Loops.

cereal bar kellogs                                                  Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

28766644_1681522705220230_6691476940278202368_n.jpg                                        Reese Puffs^

Deezy Organix Medicated Toffee Caramels*

Homemade Caramel medicated with THC Distillate and cannabutter is to die for. available in 25mg caramels and 50mg caramels. -$3.00/ea- 25mg- 5/$10.00, 50mg-5/$15.00.

dz caramelsdz caramels


***                       Dz Organix Concentrates                ***

1. Afghani Indicia Harvest Hashish (Black) – $12.00/gram or 7grams for $65.00.                      20170619_060012.jpg20180107_212827.jpg


2. Harvest Honey Oil. (Tested average 83.7% Available THC) – $50.00. per gram

mendo purple shatter



3. Phenoix Tears AKA RSO (alcohol extract oil) – $20 capsules – 100mg.

rso syringe.png                                       20161005_130512.jpg

4. THC Distillate – Lab tested @ 96.4% THC. – 1gram for $60.00, 2 for $100.00. **                      dz distillate.jpg


All Dz Organix  Concentrates are made from processed bud, each batch also comes with labels specifically stating what mix of strains your smoking so you can make requests for the future – extra steps so we can better help you get what you want, when you want.          – DZ.