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Dz Gummies (Robots, Dinasours, Gummy Bears, Lego Gummies, BHO Sour Robots)

Dz Canna Brownies (Walnut, Peanut butter and original varieties available)

Dz Space Cake Muffins (made with cannabutter)

CBD – Dz Gummies *NEW!* (Low THC High CBD) *BACK IN STOCK!*

Black Afghani Hash (Black Domina)

CBD Capsules (available in 50mg and 100mg)

Dz Organix Harvest Shatter (ask for strains)

Dz Medicated Cereal Bars (Reese Puffs flavour)

Dz Canna Caramels (Extra Strength)*NEW!!*

Deezy Organix Rolling Papers – King size wide slim slow burning papers

Rick Simpson Oil – (available in 500mg and 750mg syringes)

THC Distillate syringes (96% THC) – 1000mg syringes

*Products listed on Organix menu but not on here, are made to order!!*

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deezy organix papers


We started this company September 1st 2016 and have been planning, learning, researching and testing to see the best ways the human endocannabinoid system can consume marihuana (in various ways; smoking, eating, vaporizing, lathering, dabbing etc) both safely and effectivley.

It is our MISSION: To provide the best derivitives available for your specific ailment(s) or symptom(s) at the highest quality available and for the cheapest price on the market. Products available only in Ontario